Ceramics & Sculpture

Clay isn’t just for kids! Pound out your frustrations to soften the clay, then get your hands dirty while you apply tools, skills, and techniques to create beautiful pottery, sculptures, and other noteworthy ceramics.


After your clay has dried, it will be fired in our in-house kiln. Your Art pieces will be available for pickup at the Studio at the beginning of the next Session.


You may want to take your Clay Art to the next level – Finishing it! Select from our array of colored paints and glazes to decorate your pieces, and they will be fired a second time.


Session I will take you From Forming to Firing; Session II concentrates on Finishing with Paint or Glaze.


Would you rather concentrate on decorating clay rather than shaping it? Come to the Session II and learn to creatively apply paint or glaze with food-safe materials on bisque plates, bowls, or cups. Your pieces will be fired at the end of the session.